Extra Nice

Extra Nice

Who are we?

As a result of earlier successful collaboration, we came together in 2015 and created Extra Nice - a small, independent, game studio operating from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. We are a team made up of passionate, creative, and diverse individuals, striving to engage users through entertaining media.

What do we do?

We worked on multiple serious and entertainment games, various visualisations, and creative solutions for our clients. Our spare time goes into working on Skirmish, our own entertainment game.

Our clients

Some of the clients, partners, and collaborators we had the pleasure of working with:

How can we help?


Games are our passion and creativity is our drive. Together with you, we can develop entertainment or serious games.


Do you already know what you want? We can develop rapid prototypes for you to see your ideas come to life.


Do you have an idea? Together we can come up with a creative solution to meet yours and the target audience's needs.