Game designer
Game designer

Game designer

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We are looking for a driven, structured, and detail-oriented student with a strong interest in Unity development.

Do you enjoy testing with users, fine-tuning, solving problems, and coming up with new concepts and game mechanics? Do you like sticking to a problem until it’s solved no matter how long it takes? Do you feel like there’s still a lot to learn and you want to improve your skills in a professional environment? Then we might still have a spot for you.

You will potentially be working on prototypes, mobile games, new features, fixing issues, tweaking, and filing in data in Unity.

If you have an interest in UX or spreadsheets, that is a plus.

We always try to find candidates whose skill level and goals match the projects they will be working on.

You should at least know the core of Unity development:

  • Working with Unity (particularly Unity’s UI Canvas system, nested prefabs)
  • Be able to work with version control (we use Plastic SCM, but Git experience is fine)

And also, bonus points for:

  • A good sense of user experience
  • A good sense of gameplay
  • A good sense of grammar and spelling
  • Personal game projects next to school/uni
  • Game jam projects
  • Mods


Please send your solicitation 1-4 months before the start of your internship. Remember to include a link to your portfolio, your motivation, and your current learning goals. We will let you know whether we would like to do an interview as soon as possible.

To apply for this job email your details to