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Our Method

Our Method


Finding out what the client, project, and target audience need (and want).

It’s important for us that you and the target audience are happy with our services. Therefore, we consider knowing exactly what the project need mandatory for success!


Finding options that could solve the problem – game, gamification or an advised alternative.

We like our solutions fit for you and your target audience and ready to meet the demands. Which is why we always research, together with you, the best possible approach and outcome for the project.


Brainstorming as many different and diverse solutions as we can find.

No great outcomes come from first time ideas! We like to challenge ourselves to think above and beyond, and explore every possibility there is. Different perspectives lead to better outcomes.

Setting the scope

Selecting elements that work best while being unique and different (keeping in mind the timeframe, deadlines and budget for the project).

It’s easy to get carried away and let creativity flow. We always strive to incorporate the best features in the best way, while respecting your time and money.

Rapid prototyping

Second Cycle Development. Creating a rapid prototype so we can test the concept (within a week or so).

Now that we know what, who, how, and when, it’s time to give you a preview of our vision. We strive to deliver the first prototype/s as soon as possible to discuss and smoothen out the details, so we can move on to developing your product soon.


Testing with the client and the target audience with a rough initial direction to test if it achieves what it should.

We value (play) testing a lot and think it gives more insights than desk research. Getting something to work in theory and then testing if it also does in practice is important with something that you need to experience!


We reflect and research the insights we get from (play) testing.

What went well? What could’ve been better? What was reaaaly bad? We take a look at it all and the reasons behind in order to improve the product and deliver the best. Reflecting on our progress is what keeps us growing.

Repeat or deliver

We go back to step 1 until the project is complete, and finally deliver your product!

After we reflect on the outcomes of testing, we of course have to implement the feedback. This moves us back into the cycle where we rinse and repeat. Once the project meets the definition of done, we are finally ready to deliver!

Would you like to work with us on your next project? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to your great ideas!